About Us

About Us

SLUSC is a nonprofit organization set up to help Africans beat poverty by providing, clean drinking water, meals and a stable living environment for different communities. This idea was brought up to our team members after our CEO, Ngadie Kamara paid a visit to her home country, West Africa Sierra Leone on September 2019 and noticed the tremendous amount of poverty in the Country. During her short time there, she donated all of her clothing and other belongings she originally brought to Sierra Leone for her own personal use, to some of the people in need in the Freetown area.

She helped as much as she could but was unable to make the impact she wanted to with such little amount. After returning back to the U.S, she vowed to start up an organization that will bring help to African countries that are struggling and are way below poverty level, starting with her country, Sierra Leone. With the help of her family and friends, SLUSC was established. At SLUSC, we welcome all kinds of donations from the public.

Those donations and goods are later on shipped (monetary donations will be used to provide housing) back to the needing country and distributeamongst citizens in need. We are extremely excited and proud to start such an organization, we hope that we can all come together and do something great for those in need

Our Team

N’gadie Kamara

Ngadie Kamara was born in West Africa Sierra Leon, she survived the Blood Diamond War and was fortunate to move to the United States when she was 18. After finishing her studies, she made it her mission to never forget the struggles she came from. She experienced Days with no clean water to drink, no solid meals, or a comfortable place to sleep at night. She began driving around on heavy trash days to find a decent mattress, to ship to Africa, she would ask friends and neighbors for their old clothes and shoes to send for the less fortunate ones she left behind. She strongly Stands by the saying One Man’s Trash is another Man’s treasure.


Branch Manager – Sierra Leone

Theresa Kamara

U.S Shipping Coordinator

Mrs. Kamara was born and raised in West Africa Sierra Leone. She migrated to the United State after fleeing the 1997 Sierra Leone Civil War. She received aBachelors Degree in Political Science and Sociology from Prairie View A&M University in TX. She strongly believe that loving and caring for one another will make the world such a better place now and in the future. 

Dominicma Surgers-Kamara

Dominicma Surgers-Kamara saw the passion in what this organization was doing in Africa and was instantly on board. She was the first donor to SLUSC, and have made it her mission to go out and educate the community on African Poverty Levels.